It’s been a life of commitment in helping and supporting the valuable, sick, elderly and destitute, this is the ideal world for Eleni Bousis. Mrs. Bousis is known for her extensive work in America, Greece, Africa and many countries across the globe. Being a beacon of hope for many across the board, she and her family are dedicated in making a difference. Lately she has been invited to save humanity from the horrible monster that’s called cancer. Her social cycle with many of her beloved friends and supporters from all paths of life, cultural backgrounds and faith have established the Hippocratic Cancer research foundation for the Robert H. Lurie comprehensive Northwestern Hospital. Amazing efforts are exemplified by a dynamic Foundation who is funding 100% “out of the box” innovative research in eradicating all types of cancers.
Eleni Bousis
A strong team is uniting in supporting the efforts of renowned scientists and physicians at the Robert H. Lurie Northwestern Hospital under the leadership of Dr. Leonidas Platanias. Eleni, her committee members with the support of Dr. Platanias and his incredible team of scientists, are making huge strides in finding the cure.
Leonidas C. Platanias, MD, PhD, is the director of the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University
November 2018, sponsors from all over the world gathered at Navy pier for the annual gala. Over 700 attendees gathered to show their support to eradicate and cure all types of cancers. These are people from across the globe, committed in being a part of this great nation that funds 100% innovated “out of the box” research. Over $ 3.5 million was raised last year by the generous chairman and founder of the Hippocratic Cancer Research Foundation, Eleni Bousis and her committee.These individuals, dedicated philanthropists, are working tirelessly in supporting this extensive research.
Jimmy Bousis, Eleni Bousis
Her friends and supporters globally are: Eisenberg Foundation (Dean Maroussis – Director of Foundation), Alex and Danielle Samoylovich, Peter Rahal, Mr and Mrs. Ilan Shalit, Susan Berdakin-Alberti, Mrs. Rosa Vologin, Rishi Shaw, Mr and Mrs Gus Danos, GARA, Greek American Restaurant Association, Mr. and Mrs. Anton Marano, Mr and Mrs Joe Perillo, Mr. and Mrs. Joe McMahon, Mr and Mrs Elias Boufis, Mr and Mrs Kostas Apostolopoulos, Mrs. Katerina Panagopoulos, Mrs.Stella Alexia Matzari and many other generous supporters. All these members are compassionate individuals who want to make a difference for humanity. They don’t want to see another mother cry for losing a child, a sibling burring a brother or sister, or a spouse burring a partner. Cancer is a horrible disease that will eventually affect each and everyone of us. Everyone has been touched one way or another by this horrible illness and losing a loved one. Eleni Bousis could not have achieved this vision and dream without the endless support her husband Jimmy, the Greek-American entrepreneur, CEO and President of Cermak Fresh Markets, which provide imported foods from many countries, specializing in Hispanic products and her four children: Victoria, their daughter, has 3 Lawyer Degrees and MBA from MIT. She is an Attorney and a successful Hollywood producer who has made famous films. Evangelos, their son, started his career as a model in Paris, continued as an actor and made an appearance with Julianne Moore in a film where Victoria was her film producer, as well as in the blockbuster movie Sex and the City. Recently, he’s having a tremendous success in the fashion industry with Peter Dundas, the artistic director at Emanuel Ungaro and later at Cavalli, with whom he recently opened an impressive clothing store in Nammos, Mykonos. Their youngest son, George, a tech entrepreneur, is one of the top 30 in the Forbes list for 2015, with his company, Raise, a gift card company, employing 100 employees, while their first son, Mike, married with two boys, ventured in his own business and recently bought the Cretan football team OFI.
Eleni Boussis although she is a Republican she also believes on voting for the right candidate who upholds values and morals for the America. She had voted for both Republicans and Democrats she voted according to credentials and she’s not interested in being more involved in politics.

Eleni Bousis, Jimmy Bousis

Eleni Boussis has made a second important and difficult bet: To restore Greece’s reputation and to give the positive tinge in order to show that Greeks are the Greeks of love, charity, hospitality, althouhg people tend to take a crooked road … Eleni has dedicated her whole being, soul and body have been given to these important purposes of her life, and I believe she will eventually manage to put her own golden stamp on humanity!

Eleni Bousis and her family